2016 Portland Zombie Walk

2016 Portland Zombie Walk

The Zombie Walk was Monday, October 31st

The 11th annual Portland Zombie Walk began with the zombie horde gathering at Pioneer Courthouse Square downtown.  The undead slowly shambled into the Square on this Halloween afternoon.   Commuters waited for the MAX lines on the north and south sides of Pioneer, while tourists and Portlanders hung out in Portland’s Living Room, as they tend to do.  All the while, at a god-awful pace, the zombies trickled in.

2016 Portland Zombie Walk

They started showing up around the edges.  Under the scattered glass-roofed rain shelters, on the benches and steps, and meandering around the Square.  The passersby mostly didn’t take intense interest; after all, it’s Halloween.  Anyway, it’s Portland.  It were a Wednesday in April they’d just say, “Ha!  That’s Portland for you”.

The horde eventually began roaming toward a growing cluster of zombies in the Square.  Then came the moment when everyone was hoping to see a bunch of latecomers show up and double or triple the size of the crowd.  It didn’t happen.  This wasn’t going to be one of our finest or largest Zombie Walks.  Still, the spirit was there and soon enough part of the horde shuffled out on the Square for a festive Thriller dance.  It was a crowd pleaser.

2016 Portland Zombie Walk
2016 Portland Zombie Walk

By the time the Zombie Walk began the horde had grown a bit more.  It was a respectable number considering that it was work/school day afternoon and the event was not announced very far in advance.  Zombies drudged along the downtown streets entertaining observers for many blocks, looping back to the starting point.

2016 Portland Zombie Walk
2016 Portland Zombie Walk

There were some star players in this street theater number.  The people that really know how to stay in character and have put serious effort into their costumes and make-up ruled the day.  Thanks zombies!

Miranda launched a GoFundMe.com campaign to help pay for the event fees paid.  Please join PortlandZombies.com in supporting this campaign.

A photo gallery will be soon added to this page.  In the mean time, check out pictures from the Thrill The World dance in Irving Park on Saturday, October 29th, 2016.  There were A LOT of awesome zombies at the Thriller dance.

See Thrill The World pictures

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2016 Gresham Zombie Walk

2016-gresham-zombie-walk-040The Gresham Zombie Walk was Saturday, October 22, 2016.
The 2016 Gresham Zombie Walk began and ended at Main City Park this year.  The horde gathered around 1:00 PM in the west parking lot of the the park.  zombie-squad

The zombies were met by a zombie control squad, which escorted the shambling horde out of the park.  The parade of animated corpses then roamed the streets of downtown Gresham.

The horde was not large; surprisingly small, actually, given the pleasant weather.  About 20 of the undead visited their terror on Gresham on this day.  Nevertheless, all enjoyed this bit of street theater.  A fair number of child zombies joined in with their zom-momies and zom-daddies.

The organizers deserve a big THANKS! for this event.  Visit the Gresham Zombie Walk Facebook page.

Thriller Dance

Thrill The World (Thriller Dance)
October 29th at 3:00 PM
Irving Park – covered basketball court
NE 7th Ave & Fremont St.
Portland, OR  97211

Practice Schedule:
Friday, October 28th,  6:00 to 8:00 PM
Q Center
4115 N Mississippi

Saturday, October 29th, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Fremont UMC
2620 NE Fremont

Portland Zombies

PortlandZombies.com promotes zombie and Halloween related events in the Willamette Valley.  We are not the organizer or sponsor of the Zombie Walk.

The Portland Zombie Walk page on Facebook is Miranda Molea’s Zombie Walk page.  This page appears to be the dominant place for information about the annual PDX Zombie Walk.  To the best of our knowledge,there is no organization or committee organizing the Zombie Walk.  It seems to be a rather loose collection of a small number of people (or maybe just one individual) that lead the event, which evidently grew from a rather spontaneous flash mob a decade ago.

PortlandZombies.com is supported by participants and fans of the PDX Zombie Walk who have volunteered time for website development.  Portland Zombies will publicize any local Zombie events and related happenings of which we are aware (right of editorial discretion reserved) .  Feel free to contact us if you would like Portland Zombies to promote an event or share information.

Pictures of the 2016 Portland Zombie Walk and Thrill The World (Thriller) Dance will be posted here after the event.  We’d love to have your contributions as well.  Please share your zombie pictures, event news, and announcements.  To reach us or submit photos, use our Contact Form or send us an email.

The Zombie Walk is a street theater performance art event open to all.   Those who participate are encouraged to please stay in character.  Please don’t litter, cause disturbances, smear fake blood on people or buildings, or do anything to give the event a bad reputation.


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2016 Zombie Walk Pictures

Photos will be posted after the Zombie Walk.

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