Frightown Haunted Houses


FrightTown™ has three haunted houses in one location.  FrightTown™ fills the 40,000 square foot Exhibit Hall beneath the Memorial Coliseum at the Rose Quarter.  One regular admission to FrightTown™ at the Rose Quarter is $23 for all ages, for THREE haunted houses – a whole city block of screams and shock!  Tickets are available at the box office or you can buy them online.

FrightTown™ is the Pacific Northwest’s biggest, scariest and best-reviewed haunted event. Baron Von Goolo’s Museum of Horrors, the top rated madhouse of humor and horror, returns for its fifteenth year in Portland with new scares around every corner; our bloodiest haunt to date, The Witch House pushes you into a conflict between police and a cult of mad demon-worshippers who have unleashed dark powers far beyond their ability to control!; and all new for 2016, we open the creaking doors to Grimthorne Manor, a twisted mansion of gothic horror overflowing with angry spirits and evil beasts beyond description! Three big haunts, three different nightmares – there’s something to scare everyone at FrightTown™!

1031 Community Theatre & FrightTown™ are on the lookout for the theatrically inclined volunteers for the project, which benefits local non-profits like Central City Concern, PHAME, Rafael House and more.

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