2014 Portland Zombie Walk

2013 PDX Zombie WalkIn 2014, the Portland Zombie Walk once again launched from Hollywood Vintage in NE Portland.  On October 25, 2014 there were a good number of the living dead gathered in the back lot of the store before the Zombie Walk started, a few hundred maybe.  The crowd of zombies and spectators for this 9th annual Zombie Walk seemed to never stop getting larger through the whole afternoon.

The lot was also the scene of the Thrill The World Dance.  Zombies dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller was a great opener for the event.  Weeks of dance practice resulted in a fairly well choreographed performance.  Some dancers practiced multiple times each week  through September and October.  Others jumped on the bandwagon later (signs of which were revealed in the performance, in some cases).

Once the animated corpses started the slow, shuffling parade, more brain eaters joined in.  The horde grew as the undead marched along the sidewalks.  Late arriving zombies were not deterred by the rain.  It did not fall continuously that day; about as perfect for the creepy crowd as one could hope for.

The Zombie Walk was a loop, of sorts (actually a right-angled trapezoid) , starting and ending (roughly) at Hollywood Vintage.  Zombies dragged their feet along NE 28th Avenue from Sandy to NE Glisan.  By the time the march turned west on Glisan heading for NE 24th Avenue, the crowd seemed to have doubled.  Even by the time at 24th and Sandy a few more zombies were seen falling in line with the rest.

2014 Zombie Walk Pictures

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