2010 Portland Zombie Walk

On October 23, 2010 hundreds of zombies wandered around the city center for the 6th annual Portland Zombie Walk.  The thrilling show Zombie Walk was the kind of live art installation that would blow away anyone who just happened to stumble upon it unawares.   It looked like a  gruesome flash mob or a Zombie film in the making.

The Portland Zombie Walk is a chance for Portlanders to take to the streets in zombie make-up and costume.

The bloody and battered zombies provided splendid entertainment for all those who witnessed the horror.   Each year hundreds of people join the parade of zombies, doing their best to stay in character, with ghoulish expressions, fake blood, moans, groans, shrieks, and the ever-present yearnful grumble of “Braaaaaains”.

The 2010 Portland Zombie Walk was amazing presentation of street theater.  It was very well attended, perhaps in part to the accommodating weather, which was uncharacteristically lovely for fall.  The horde gathered at Pioneer Square in mid-afternoon.  The Square was busy on that Saturday afternoon, with plenty spectators on hand when the Thriller Dance began.  It was a perfect day for this and the location could not have been better.

2010 Portland Zombie Walk
2010 Portland Zombie Walk

Following the performance hundreds of well-costumed, sluggish zombies dragged their feet along crowded downtown sidewalks.  At times some of the zombies got a bit unruly.  It was a festive and energetic group just having a good time but clearly some drivers were annoyed by traffic interruptions.  A few pedestrians seemed upset about the sidewalks being taken over by the living dead, although the overwhelming majority clearly loved the show.

2010_zombie-walk_0111A group of anti-zombie combatants arrived, well armed with toy guns, and entered into mock battles with the walking dead.  The militants were not about to stop these zombies.  Their numbers were as great as their determination to feast on the flesh of the living!

Thanks to the amazing, cool, creative people of Portland for bringing us this artistically inspired event!

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