Goals of PortlandZombies.com

  • Support and publicize PDX zombie activities.
  • Encourage participation of all ages, abilities, gender identities, races, and ethnicity.
  • Publish photos, videos, stories, announcements, and news of Zombie events.
  • Support fund raising efforts for zombie activities
  • Entertain you!

PortlandZombies.com features photos and news about the Zombie Walk organized by volunteers in PDX every year around Halloween.  Portland Zombies also publishes news and photos of other zombie happenings in and around Portland, Oregon.

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Portland Zombie Walk on Facebook
Miranda Molea’s Zombie Walk Facebook page was the go-to spot for information about the annual PDX Zombie Walk in years past.

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Portland Erotic Ball 2016
The biggest, most incredible and immersive masquerade, fetish and kink-themed dance, play and fantasy parties began 15 years ago by Emmy-nominated female impersonator Sasha Scarlett. Sasha produces Erotic Ball events and other fabulous parties around the globe. Fasten your seat belts and get ready to party!


This site is not an official event website and is not affiliated with the sponsors of the events we publicize be they commercial or non-commercial, with the exception of the paid advertisers, as noted.  PortlandZombies.com is owned by local web design company, iNetPlanet, LLC.